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    Product Service

    Established in 1 9 9 5 , Starlight is one of the top manufacturers of advanced SiC in China, we are also High Technology Enterprise of Liaoning Province. We imported the advanced technology and equipment from Germany, passed QMS 
    certification of ISO9001 in 2002. After 20+ years’ improvement 
    and innovation, Starlight has become a standard and model in 
    SiC industry.
    Starlight's three series of SiC product:STARRY (RSiC),STARNY (NSiC), STARSY (SiSiC).Now we own two plants,ten sets vacuum induction sintering furnaces,production capability of SiC 1000 tons per year.We are one of manufacturers who can produce three kinds of SiC product in the world.The product of Starlight sales not only in China, but also to more than 20 countries and areas, you can find “STARLIGHT” logo product in Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Germany, Italy, the USA, etc. Percentage of export is 35%.
    The products of Starlight are mainly supplied for the ceramics and related industry as the saving energy kiln furniture, high temperature furnace fittings and high value added structure parts. Main application industry of our product: Al2O3, ZrO2, tableware, sanitary ware, insulator, electron ceramics, honeycomb ceramics, Lithium battery,metallurgy and chemical industry.
    Starlight believes that the long-term development depends on the customers’ support and reliance. We will do our best to solve the customers’ problems and create value, devote to be a strategic partner of our customers.

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